My name is David Pike . I have been teaching ukulele for more than 5 years. I began playing the instrument in 2008 after switching from guitar , which i had been playing for around 20 years. 

The ukulele somehow grabbed hold of me and i could not put it down. Particularly due to its beautiful sound. Its capabilities , in terms of playability are extraordinary for such a simple looking instrument. It can be used for anything from simple backing chords for singing favourite songs to , or playing quite complex arrangements in many genre such as classical , jazz , blues and hispanic music. It also lends itself to fusive elements and can be taken far away from simple or familiar melodies associated with its origins. 

I can teach many styles of music and have experience in many musical situations that I have drawn from. I can help from the very beginning such as sitting correctly , holding , tuning , forming chords , combining them with melody and helping with the understanding of its technical side. 

Lessons run for an hour  and the first is free in order to gain an understanding of what the personal requirements are of each individual.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.